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Far Too Silly and Slightly Disturbing

Mind the Sheep

Speak softly and carry a rapier wit.

My SWEET Fourth Doctor mood theme is made by unikki_icons and can be found here.

I love facial hair.

Re-Animator, The 4400, and Hitchcock banners made by re_animating

Also, I like cookies. :)
aaron rodgers, absolutely fabulous, adamastache, alfred hitchcock, allison janney, anthony stewart head, army of darkness, autolycus, babylon 5, barely political, battlestar galactica, beards, beer, billy connolly, black sheep, brigade leader, brigadier lethbridge-stewart, brisco county jr., bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, cake, cannibalism, catherine tate, charlie brooker, chocolate, cj cregg, comedy, corpses of doubtful vintage, crais, damages, dawn french, dead set, doctor who, donna noble, dyanne thorne, eddie izzard, edgar wright, ella fitzgerald, evil dead, evil dead the musical, evil sheep, eyeballs, facial hair, fake blood, fanfiction, farscape, fat apollo, feminism, femslash, french and saunders, g'kar, george romero, giles, glenn close, goodness gracious me, green bay packers, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, harvey, helen mirren, herbert west, homoflexible, horror comedy, hot fuzz, hugh laurie, humor, i claudius, iain banks, improv, in the loop, jack of all trades, jane lynch, jane tennison, jean paul sartre, jeffrey combs, jekyll, jennifer saunders, john simm, jon pertwee, jordan collier, joss whedon, joxer, king arthur, kitty lux, lgbt issues, life on mars, living dead, lucy lawless, malcolm tucker, marina de van, meera syal, monty python, moustaches, my name is bruce, naughty bits, nicholas courtney, nick frost, nicola murray, nicola/malcolm, opera, patrick stewart, patty hewes, paul higgins, peter capaldi, peter greenaway, prime suspect, purple hair, queers, re-animator, re-penetrator, rebecca front, red dwarf, repo! the genetic opera, rimmer/lister, rob tapert, rocky horror, ron perlman, sam axe, sam raimi, sanjeev bhaskar, sarah jane smith, scorpius, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, silly hats, simon pegg, sketch comedy, sons of anarchy, spelling 'weird' correctly, spelling moustache with 'o', splatstick, superfluous commas, susan ivanova, ted raimi, the 4400, the brigadier, the thick of it, the west wing, tim curry, tom baker, tom waits, two day moustaches, ukulele orchestra, vincent price, voltaire, wild west, writing, xena, zombies


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